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city Symphony

Hear the hidden stories and sounds of Brisbane

Hear the music, stories and sounds of Brisbane. City Symphony invites you to journey inside rich narratives and musicscapes as you walk Brisbane CBD. Follow the map and listen. You'll be immersed in a hidden world of sounds that respond to your location and movement. Put on your headphones, download the City Symphony app and wander. Brisbane will never sound the same. 

City Symphony is a video game music engine taking location and motion data from your phone and combining it with environmental data to create your unique music and story experience. As you listen, you'll meet hundreds of musicians, artists and Brisbane community members. You'll hear about Brisbane past, its people and their hopes for the future.


Where We Meet

New Performances: Kingston Butter Factory, 27 October 2023

Razor-sharp beats combine with otherworldly vocal soundscapes in a live  performance about the universal longing for connection. 
Not very long ago, Kitch and Eve were strangers; one is a Samoan High Talking Chief, the other a second-generation Maltese Australian. Now they are on a journey together, navigating twin stories of diaspora, love, faith, and searching. Part memoir, part musical-manifesto, Where We Meet blends live looping, opera, electronica, beat boxing, Samoan language, and hip-hop music into a musical experience like no other. With genre-defying performances, cultural practice, and intimate true-stories, Eve Klein and Taitu’uga Kitch Wesche shine a light on the universal power of cultural connection. 

What legacy has been left for you? 
And what legacy are you leaving

This is theatre featuring live music. Interdisciplinary, community driven work. 

Audience reactions: 

“A very powerful performance. The contrast of cultures and personal experiences brought 
intensity to this very unique play.” 

“It really made me reflect on culture and community ‐ two constructs so incredibly 
important in the current era of uncertainty.”


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