City Symphony

Hear the hidden stories and sounds of Brisbane

Launched at the World Science Festival 2022 in partnership with QMF

Hear the music, stories and sounds of Brisbane. City Symphony invites you to journey inside rich narratives and musicscapes as you walk Brisbane CBD. Follow the map and listen. You'll be immersed in a hidden world of sounds that respond to your location and movement. Put on your headphones, download the City Symphony app and wander. Brisbane will never sound the same. 

City Symphony is a video game music engine taking location and motion data from your phone and combining it with environmental data to create your unique music and story experience. As you listen, you'll meet hundreds of musicians, artists and Brisbane community members. You'll hear about Brisbane past, its people and their hopes for the future.

Explore the sites

A Call to Maiwar

Goodwill Bridge

Take a slow and steady pace as you cross the bridge and reveal a meditative soundscape alongside voices offering messages, prayers and secrets tp tje unwavering natural force that connects Brisbane - the river Maiwar.

The Meeting Place

Queen Street Mall

An iconic meeting and fashion precinct, Queen St Mall is a gathering place for generations of young people from all walks of life. As you walk through the mall, hear the beats of Brisbane's best contemporary artists.

Many Cultures of Brisbane

Reddacliff Place

A nexus point for the city, locate hidden voices alongside new music performed by a unique collective of artists, brought together in search of connection and the common language of music.

A River of Voices

King George Square

The civic heart of Brisbane, King George Square has been the centre of public life for decades. Brisbane gathers to celebrate, protest, mourn and remember.